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Wednesday, September 5, 2012 
(or someplace similar msg me or my group )
Copy your receiving code.

then goto
click register
paste your code and solve the captcha
copy your new deposit code
make a note of your referral address/member number

tell it you want to deposit cash at whatever location is most convenient.
Fill out the forms and send anywhere from $20 to $490
paste your deposit code. where it says Bitcoin Address.

your code will look like this


Let me know what your new member number is, I will deposit $10 for the first 3 people to recruit 3 paying new members.

Share your referral number, and get others to sign up.
help your new members complete the process.

Cash out. There are many opportunities to cash out, or spend.
that is one way to cash out. for others see my group

This is how many of the marketing programs in the fb groups like this work, but this one is much simpler and quicker.

Nothing is hidden, you will, there is nothing else to do. You will be paid within 1hr of your new member depositing. If you can get 3 new members in an hr, and help those 3 new members in 1 hr, expect to see thousands in just one day.