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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Slow tech updates

Seems like we've hit a stopping point in tech... went shopping looking for new stuff.
Gigabit Ethernet is the top still
I got an 8 port gigabit switch about six years ago.  My core2duo laptop is 5 years old, it was just shy of $2k when I got it, even though new laptops are $300, I'd still have to spend $1000-$1500 to get a suitable replacement.  Speakers aren't much better, and seem like poorer build quality, even the thousand dollar speakers are disappointing compared to stuff from the 90s. xbox, ps3 and wii have been around for years now.  Once the consuls switch to disk they got worse, I won't get a new one till they have them with SSD from the factory or something newer.  Sure I could install my own SSD, but I shouldn't have to. Moore's law still applies, but I think were at a holding point, with millions unemployed, we need to spend this time getting everyone caught up, we are only as good as our weakest link, and right now there are many weak links that need to be strengthened.  What happened to all that cool stuff we keep hearing about in popular science, wired, gizmodo, Reddit and so on.  All vaporware..  in my spare time I'll be working on a web app that should help a lot of people,  can't wait to have a working beta to share.  I'm writing from my galaxy nexus, sorry bout the poor writing... hope to have the nexus 4 soon, it does seem like cell phones are the only thing rapidly advancing, but even that seems like those rapid advances will come to an end soon,  let's hope not.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

just finished a cup of Coffee ;) and getting my day started.  I'm in Las Vegas, checking out every hotel, and networking with all kinds of people. I might take a nap before I go. Need to visit a little meeting spot, I'll be doing some online work from there, then In n Out burger for lunch.

Need to work on my main project which is a new webapp.  I'll be posting a job  on dice or elance, I'll be checking reddit for some advice before posting though... maybe I can figure out something and get the page put up before then.

I was thinking of making some mesh box, found out about a new tranciver that is one chip for every frequency, forgot who makes it though.  need to work on a maker bot too...

Need to set up some bitcoin trades.

Need to post some CL ads

not sure what else ill be up to but ill see where the day takes me.

Privacy Policy

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Organized my bitcoin links.

Bitcoin links within are exchanges, mining programs to get money for your graphics card's work, web boosting, gambleing, games, link shortener, ads, free coins, surveys, and more

Friday, March 23, 2012

While I'm at it if you deal with any of these companies regularly keep these phone numbers handy.

1800Clothes  888-682-0935  
4 Wheel Parts  877-297-5510
Advance Auto Parts: 877-288-3972 promo code CC20 20% off
Altrec Outdoors Outlet  888-649-1604  
Altrec Outdoor Footwear 877-578-1068 Outdoors Ski 888-642-3797
The North Face Winter Gear at Altrec Outdoors 888-656-4594
Use Paypal at Altrec Outdoors 888-572-6514
Analyte Health: STD Test Express 888-338-6959
AskNow Psychic 888-263-7796
Blue Global Media 100 day loans 888-427-0669
Bridgevine, Inc: New Energy 877-674-3361
Bridgevine, Inc.: Connecticut 877-449-1538
Bridgevine, Inc.: Pennsylvania 866-943-5224
CuraDebt 866-945-1362
Designer Clothing Online INC 888-879-0291 
DTC MD STD Testing 888-338-7995
eFaucets 877-776-3471
Lighting Catalogue 888-873-0047
ElephantDrive Inc. 877-255-2458
Expert Link 877-694-6322 
FitOrbit 877-556-2480
FTD 877-267-3503 Credit Repair 866-943-5396 Nations Lending 877-285-4065 National Debt 877-337-0147 Loan Modification 877-233-1108 
IC Mart Watches 877-271-2984
iFloor 888-766-8994
Independent Living Activeforever 877-846-2813
STOPzilla 888-837-3147
Intrepid Travel: 888-775-5426
Lexington Law 877-260-3402 
LSM Insurance 866-944-4705
MacMall 877-682-3145 
Move Software 877-572-2832
National Education Online Center 888-252-3351
Paul's TV 888-458-9599
Performance 4 Trucks: 877-781-4181
Prime Choice Health LLC 888-547-7789
Renew Life Formulas 888-722-4365
ServiceMagic Inc 877-282-4123
SkinCareRx 888-685-6437
Smart Destinations Inc. 877-268-2970
smith+noble 888-631-0837 
Sonos 877-250-5998 
SOS Online Backup 877-918-7031 
The Credit Pros Intl. 888-652-0539
Trampoline Parts and Supply 877-889-5568
Tripcruises USA 888-651-6807
USA TODAY 877-586-4301
had a nasty headache today, caused some writers block, but maybe I'll get some good rest and have some content for tomorrow..

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Along with my silence online, I did not speak, the whole day.  much of my communication was gesture based since I don't know much ASL, I used to know the alpha bet but I've forgotten it.  so I went to typing, but in support of going against SOPA I censored my writings.  Most of the people understood what I was upto, since I spend most of my time at an Occupy.  Many times I got someone else to explain for me.
I will be silent from 8am-8pm 1/18/12, both online and off.  However in this silence I might be found in the last free speech zone.  You must Dive Deep to meet me there.  #stopSOPA #stopPIPA