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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Its GoDaddy Transfer day.  Thousands have already transferred.  I have 4 domains, but they are not registered through them,  I'm about to register a new one, for an upcoming site, I've been mentioning, and hopefully its ready for alpha next month.  I will not be registering with GoDaddy.  I don't know if they've really dropped support of SOPA or not, but I know they supported it originally, and if that is where their mindset is, and they are leaving just because of the customers demand it then they still don't have ethics/morals that I agree with, and don't deserve my business. Looks like they've got a few sales going on to try and get more customers since they just lost 100K or so.  My and your Freedom is not For Sale.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Someone is doing the coding for me for the new back end on my site.   Can't wait to go live with it.  Need to work on finding other people with similar capabilities.  Also I'm looking around for prebuilt scripts to include when building a site, useful pluggins like the social media sharing buttons, and open-id logins, and whatever else people think is useful.  The main feature and behavior of the site is not like anything else I've seen, and definitely have not seen any open source that acts like it.  Not going to say too much about it.  But I am hoping to go live sometime in January.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Still busy

Getting some new hosting set up, and working on the back end to something major.  Need to make sure everything is working well, also getting more active on my other twitter, and making sure I have good connections all around.  Can't wait to launch this thing.  Wish there was a faster way to code stuff, its fairly simple, but all the little plugins need to be figured out too, for social networking and everything.  This site that I'm working on will be free to use, but if you want a little better experience it will cost a small fee, and the fee is in Bitcoins, so it should help build that community.  You don't have to be a bitcoin user to appreciate the site.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Almost 2 mo since Last Post

Its been a while and I haven't posted anything.  I've been busy and I need to get back to blogging some stuff.  Hopefully I will have a chance to get some good posts in the next few days.  I've been working with OccupyWallStreet, in a western City.

One interesting thing I've come across since my last post is  you can pay other people to retweet you with bitcoins.  I've already used it to get a message out to 10K+ people.

if you need help with bitcoins just ask me.