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Saturday, October 15, 2011

EveryOne is a Beggar

We are all beggars, I know, your first thought is, no I work hard, and blah blah...  but as you sit there reading this you are begging, begging for informations, your still reading which means you want more info.   Here it is  from the guy on the street corner holding a cup out, to the Banker on Wall street we are all beggars.  Its all a matter of how we beg, usually more complex begging pays out better, or when supply and demand go in the right directions.  But its not always the case.

I came to this realization one day while I was at a strip club, the girls got up on stage, did they're little dance, and guys threw money at them.  Later on some girl would walk around and offer a lap-dance.  I've been to a few strip clubs, and each does roughly the same thing, but some have a few variations on how they run, and some of the rules.  The one that made me realize that everyone is a beggar had a girl up on stage, doing her thing, but when she finished instead of going out to the changing room, she came down off the stage and walked around, pulling a little string so that everyone could put an extra dollar in.  And that is when it hit me.  She's begging for money.

And now it gets a little more complex.  She's begging for money using her body, but theres more, Most of the time you think of beggars you think of them asking for money.  Many of them (the honest ones) out on the street, don't want your money, they want opportunity, and a chance to succeed and improve themselves.  And we can go back to the strip club, cause thats a more happy thought.  There I am sitting, and Begging for some attention, I'm not a great looking guy, I'm not bad looking either, not that much personality either, other than a plain nice guy.

But still I want some attention and affection, I'm begging for it, To get that attention you need really good looks, takes time and money going to the gym, buying expensive clothing, spending too much time on hair and so on, and the personality is just something you either have or don't, and can somewhat work on.  Thats the simple form of begging, and it doesn't really work, so method #2 good old George Washington sitting in my pocket just waiting to help me out.

All there is to begging is getting what you want and you will have to give something for what you want, you may think the guy on the street begging isn't giving anything back, but he is, the person gets the good feeling of helping someone in need, sometimes they offer information, or an interesting story, many  just offer a blessing and a thanks, and thats all they can give.

More advanced beggars like scarlett johansson, are looking for larger amounts of money and attention, further attention drives more money and attention, once you get started it has a snowball affect.  Posting leaked photos 2011 on SmugMug can be helpful.

Or big CEOs at Sears and Best Buy, they are begging people to work for them, it may not seem like it with the jobs numbers, but they are begging someone to take the money in for them. this is how it works, the more money they take in the bigger the beggar they are.  next time you see some guy on the street and think of how a beggar is a bad person, just think of how much Begging these big CEOs are doing, its a full network of beggars, they get marketing people to beg you to come into stores, and they are begging for product suppliers to give them something better for less.

Or Places like Fox News begging for your attention, and begging for advertisers,  Apple Begging for more people to use iProducts and spreading rumores about products about to be announced.  Its a complex system of begging, and here I am begging for a little attention, maybe I have something worth wile to share at some point, but its one step at a time, and I am working on making my methods more advanced.  Hopefully I can figure out this begging thing and do it the right way, of course I won't be exploiting people, and would be spreading the wealth to all those who help me in the game of life.

Bitcoins are a new digital currency and people are starting to beg for those.  Many of the people in the major bitcoin forum have posted their address, including myself for donating some BTC, but there are some more advanced ways to beg for BTC and here is one Its more advanced so it should work better, and it can work for you.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Columbus Day Holiday Post

Well not much to talk about today since its a holiday.  I'm not going to talk about the holiday since its so old, and has lost its meaning.  Why not just make every monday a holiday.

Anyway bast way to go right now to make a post is a stream of consciousness.  Here I am writing about nothing, but it will become something, you could do this in your own blog, while your at it, look up a few trending key words and try to include them in your chat.  Mostly Celebrity names will show up, and of-course since to day is a Holiday certain related topics will show up.  Although if you goto wikipedia and look up this day in history, any day, there is something worth celebrating.

Holidays really mess up the work routine, many places have offset shifts, or are open 7days now.  Still Banks and many Government services shutdown for the holiday, enough for it to trend on gooogle.  And lots of sports related searches.

Bitcoins won't be taking a holiday, the network is running 24/7 no need.  Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, coins in existence are based on work units calculated by a grid of computers, any computer can do it, although its best if you have an ATI graphics card. Some bitcoin sites let you make some money with almost instant results for your efforts.  you can find out more from this e-book  its a free download, when you tweet it.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Popular stuff today

New iPhone has been announced and all kinds of people are talking about it, or just #trending with it to make some money.  Its a couple of minor updates to the processor, and camera.  Nothing fancy so the stock dropped.  I expect the stock to go down for the next week or so, then shoot up on launch day, and back down.

I think I'll be waiting for the Nexus prime, but I still might get an ipod touch, a zune and some blackberry divice just so I have a little of everything.

as of this post here is whats trending in google

new iphone
2.texas rangers stock
4.curtis painter iphone
6.tampa bay rays news conferenc...
9.herman cain
10.girl fight
11.van jones
12.chris christie
14.ipod nano watch
15.ios 5 release date
16.detroit tigers
17.michael lewis
18.rachel uchitel
19.sherri shepherd

and alexa

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