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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Last week digg updated its site, I didn't like it much, and not too many other people did either.  It also stopped working on my iphone apps.  Now the site is down for upgrades, hopefully they'll fix it.

New Apple TV itunes 10, NetFlix

The new apple products look great.
All the ipods are updated.  Except the Classic. 

My car has a built in iPod Dock connector that I leave my classic plugged into.  The classic is still great for this because of its large rotating drive, the others have small fast solid state drives.  I have a music collection of about 250gb, about 40gb is duplicates that I'm slowly cutting down on.

The shuffle got some buttons not too exciting
 The mini has become the nano and is only slightly larger than the shuffle, and its all touch screen, nice but I still like to have hard buttons.
the iTouch got cameras on both sides, a nice high res screen and a faster processor.

Apple TV got upgraded and is now streaming only.  its much smaller, and cheaper, I'd still rather get a mac mini much more usefull

Ill be downloading iTunes 10 soon.
and just finished DLing ios4.1 GM you can find it here

I'll be installing it on my iphone 3g in a few minutes hopefully it fixes the speed problems you all know about.