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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What whent wrong on BPs oil Rig

The bad wiring and leakage in to what is supposed to be anti blast "." Seal the problems that have allowed methane gas explosion. Until the battery is dead, everything.
Revealed the new disclosures on Wednesday a series of failures of complex equipment in the depths of the sea and procedural problems in the oil spill and explosion of massive manipulation which still pollutes the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and threatening the industry and wildlife near the coast and on the coast.
Have been described in the documents disclosed domestic companies, and is marked confidential but not submitted to the House Committee by BP, operator of the well, and by the manufacturer of a safety device. The release of the investigators in Congress.
My senior executive, Lamar McKay, and members warned, "it is inappropriate to draw any conclusions before knowing all the facts." However, documents proving the strongest evidence so far of the catastrophic sequence of events that led to the explosion and the deterioration of the spot, a series of failures more reminiscent of the loss of the space shuttle Challenger wreck Exxon Valdez.
Such as the Challenger disaster in 1986, investigation into the leak Gulf show very well that the technical regulations that seem complex and failproof error because of the problems overlooked that interact with each other in unexpected ways. In the Exxon Valdez disaster in 1989, a captain ran his ship simply to reef in Alaska Prince William Sound, some leakage of oil 11 million.
My rig was killed April 20 explosion, 11 people. Since then, nearly 4 million barrels of oil leaked from the tube well to break the 5000 feet below the surface of water 40 miles off the coast of Louisiana, which threatens environmentally sensitive marsh and wetlands and the fishing industry in the region.
Investigators have uncovered from the U.S. Congress on Wednesday that the system of basic safety, known as the inhibitor used in the blast, drilling for oil company British Petroleum in the Gulf could leak hydraulic and battery failures that prevented work on the more likely it was designed for.
They said that the documents BP and others also noted conflicting pipe pressure tests must be warned of those on the rig that poor safety of pipelines may have been allowed to leak methane gas explosion in the well.
"Observed variations a lot of pressure in at least two of these experiments, conducted just hours before the explosion," said Rep. Henry Waxman, D-California, in the meeting of the Council of Representatives on fire and leaking oil rig, quoting from documents received a committee of BP.
In response to a question about testing, Stephen Newman, Chairman of Transocean, which owns the rig, and Lamar McKay, President of the Inter-American Commission BP readings of pressure and anxiety.
They pointed out that "there is something happening in the depths of the well, which should not happen," said Newman. MacKay said the "issue is crucial in the investigation" to determine the cause of the accident.
Unleash the blast also a major oil spill that after three weeks is still not under control.
But he said Waxman important elements of what went wrong began to surface.
While "we have more questions than answers," It seems clear that there are problems with the explosion protection before the accident, confusion, almost right at the time of the explosion on the success of the process that is injected cement into the well to close temporarily in anticipation of future production.
In other developments Wednesday:
_ The White House asked Congress to lift restrictions on the responsibility of BP to cover the damage caused by the leak capped at 75 million dollars currently in the law. It also wants oil companies to pay more in federal fund for oil spill clean-up.
The head of BP Lamar McKay, the company will pay any legitimate claim for damages exceeding the costs of cleaning, although from the roof of federalism.
_ On the Gulf coast, placed in the containment of the new box - called a cylinder hat "top" - in the bottom of the sea near the leak as well. Engineers hope to find ways to avoid the problem that hit effort in earlier with a much larger box, before moving the cylinder through the end of the pipe 5000 feet long from the well.
He said _ and Minerals Management Service, a government panel of investigators in Kenner, Louisiana, that the inspections of rigs in deep water and just turned out "a few minor issues."
The meeting of the Council of Representatives in shedding the third this week, which were questioned executives from BP, and the two firms by legislators.
The Commission issued a document, one of BP provided more detailed information yet on what led to and may have caused the explosion and leakage of deep-water rig the horizon, floating in deep water miles, 40 miles off the coast of Louisiana, and why the equipment designed to prevent leakage failure to carry out this task.
Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich. , Said that there are at least four "big problems with anti explosion" - or the balance of payments - including evidence that he was to a large hydraulic leak and dead battery that was supposed to activate the so-called "deadman" trigger.
A report in 2001 by Trans Ocean, which made equipment, balance of payments, there could be a risk of failure up to 260 in equipment, which is supposed to be protecting the final against the oil well fires by cracking down and seal oil flows well, Stupak said the Chairman of the subcommittee to investigate the group.
"How can the media device 260 is the failure of a fail-safe?" Stupak asked.
Stupak said when the vehicle tried to run under water activated devices protector of the blast, which aims to ram through the tube and seal it, and a loss of hydraulic pressure has been detected in cases of emergency power for the device component.
When dye was injected "It shows a large leak coming from the loose," said Stupak, quoting documents BP. Officials in Cameroon, the company that made Mani, said that the Commission does not believe that the leakage may be caused by an explosion due to other equipment in the system and narrow.
He also wondered why Stupak has been modified the balance of payments.
Newman, said the executive organ of the Committee to Transocean, in fact, has been changed the balance of payments in 2005 at the request of BP, with the consent of the Minerals Management Service.
Stupak said that the Committee was informed that one of the drivers ram in the balance of payments has changed so that it can be used for routine tests are no longer designed to activate in emergency situations. He said after the leak of the BBC, "He spent a day in an attempt to use this useless ... Ram test" which is no longer configured for use in emergency situations.
Has sought executives from the companies concerned to shift the blame on each other in the Senate and House hearings this week on the oil spill.
He said BP failed inhibitor explosion owned by Transocean, which in turn raised questions about the process of strengthening carried out by Halliburton, BP subcontractors.
In hearings before the Senate Tuesday and once again before the House committee, said Timothy Probert, executive director of Halliburton, has been completed, except for its roof cement the final and it was according to the drilling plan me.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My previous post

Was mainly to gain some attention and followers, bad attention is better than no attention.  It probably didn't get me much attention anyway.  My major goal is to Improve on lots of things, but I can't do much with out money, and support from many people.

For the last 10 years we have made many technological advances.  However nothing is new.  Humans have been advancing exponentially, but we are not achieving our potential.  I blame greed as one of our major set backs.  There are some great minds out there, and they are not allowed to contribute their best.  We have Multi Billionaires out there that have done some great things, but would their life be worse if they only had a few hundred million.  They should be putting this money back into the company, hire more people, decrease the cost of the product. 

Civilization was able to advance through specialization.  Ballance of this specialization is important, everyone plays a part in getting the end result.  We are only able to do this because of the thousands, or millions of years of work our ancestors have been working on building a better life for their children.

The super rich are taking advantage of the system and abusing it.  It is unsustainable and needs to be put to a stop.  These people are why the country is in the economic problem its in.  I'm not sure what the right level is, but companies should be limiting the top pay to about 100 times what the lowest paid working is getting, this still allows for someone to take home 1.5M if the lowest paid worker is getting minimum wage.  To be respectable the amount should be around 10 times.

The less government is involved the better, but at some point the government should step in.  The government needs to step in when things are unreasonable I thing that amount should be around 1000-10,000 times the lowest paid worker.  I don't think this is too restrictive, if someone wants to make more money, pay the people who help bring in the money better.  I do think there should be an exception for new businesses, to allow the creator to build their personal net worth.

I have created a wiki at for people to contribute to a new set of laws.  Our legal system is littered with out dated laws, and blocks that hold things back.  Legal documents are worded in a way that it doesn't make sense to the average person.  They try to cover every possibility and yet someone still finds a loop hole to take advantage of.  Some of the loopholes are intentional.  We dont need any more corruption in this country.

Through Out history we have had the super rich.  When they get too rich and and the poor are too oppressed, they revolt.  Currently things aren't bad enough, but its headed in the wrong direction.  There is also a perception that there is nothing the poor can do against the super rich and greedy. 

There is something wrong when people are ok with the top person taking home thousands of times more than what their lowest paid employee makes.  The CEO of CostCo does just fine makeing 12 times what his lowest paid full time employee makes, and I respect him for this.

There are people who arn't very bright and cant be as productive, but they still deserve to live a decent life.  And be able to raise their children to be the best that child can be.  many say they don't deserve to make as much money, I agree, but they still deserve to make enough to live much more comfortably than they currently do- as long as they are actually working or trying to.

Unless you are out of debt and have residual income YOU ARE A SLAVE.  Even if you have those things you might be a slave to your self and maintaining your residual, but atleast your in the right place.  We are all slaves to the bank, and to the government.  You may think we are all free because we are in america, but you are not, you still have to work for someone (even if your self employed).

I have more thoughts but I cant think of them right now.

Writing is not my strong point.  sorry for all the errors

Not to Be Too Sexist

I'm in Texas right now, and its in the 90's F  The air conditioner barley keeps up.  I want it colder, but my female friend wants it warmer.  Then when I start cooking dinner it gets even hotter, I realized my place was relaxing with a cold drink and her place was tending to the hot stove keeping herself warm, while I stayed cool, this way we could agree on the temperature settings.